Why Is It Important to Pressure Wash Your Home Before Painting?

A paint job can turn any house into a brand-new-looking masterpiece. It may be tempting to begin painting your walls today but remember that you can’t simply paint your home without pressure washing. In this article, we will discuss why pressure washing is necessary before pulling out the paintbrush. We also included a few considerations to keep in mind before starting any paint job.

Five Reasons Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Home

Pressure Washing Cleans Surfaces

Pressure washing is an exceptional way to ensure that the existing surface of your home is ready for its makeover. This is necessary, especially when you are planning to repaint or refinish the exterior of your home. Pressure wash removes the dirt and grime, reassuring you that you will have a clean and smooth surface to paint.

Protects Your Home and Your Family 

Dust and mildew, as we all know, can affect your home’s appearance. Don’t forget that they can affect the health of your family as well. Removing them with pressure washing keeps you and your whole family from getting sick.

Pressure Washing Saves You Time

Without a doubt, pressure washing is an efficient way to keep your home exterior clean. We know that your time is valuable, and by that, we know that efficiency is vital when it comes to sanitation. When you let the experts pressure wash your home, you save yourself from stress, such as climbing ladders or mixing cleaning solutions.

Restores Curb Appeal 

With pressure washing, your home gets a brand-new look without having to spend money on renovations. This is because pressure washing is a restoration process and its goal is to remove stains, molds, and baked-in dirt. As a result, pressure washing gives your property a refreshing look and restores curb appeal.

Increase Property Value

Pressure washing makes the paint job even better, which means it increases the property value of your home. It is a no-brainer that you can always rent or sell a property much easier with an excellent paint job.

How to Pressure Wash Your Home Before Painting

It is critical to keep the exterior of your home clean and sanitary before doing any paint job. Even if it appears to be clean, you should still consider giving it a thorough check. Pressure washing is by far the safest method you can do to keep your house exterior safe and clean.

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Why Should I Give My Home a Pressure Wash Before Painting?

If you are planning to pressure wash before doing any exterior painting, the best thing you can do is hire experts from South Shore Painting Contractors. As essential as pressure washing is, doing it incorrectly can do worse than not doing it at all. Below are the essential factors to keep in mind when pressure washing:

  • Right Amount of PressureKeeping proper pressure means you clean the exterior properly. However, high pressure can get into your walls, causing interior water damages.
  • Solid Application: Doing pressure washing without the skills and experience may damage window screens, home siding, and other corners of your property.
  • The Expertise of Materials: Specific materials have different effects to pressure washing. When you coordinate with skilled washers, you won’t have to worry about causing any damages to your home exterior.

Pressure Wash Your Home With South Shore Painting Contractors

Needless to say, pressure washing is beneficial. Not only it cleans your home exterior, but it also protects your family from dirt and mildew. Pressure washing, prior to painting, cleans the exterior surface, which will help extend the life of the new paint job.

However, you must also consider the hands of those who will pressure wash your home. While you can accomplish fair results when doing it on your own, pressure washing done by professionals can make the task faster, cheaper and more effective.

When it’s time to pressure wash or do exterior painting in South Shore, MA, call us at South Shore Painting Contractors. We generate premium paint jobs for neighborhoods all over the South Shore. To get your free estimate on pressure washing, contact us here today. Our friendly representatives are happy to assist you with your pressure washing and painting needs.

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