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Carpentry (Molding and Repairs)

Quincy MA Carpentry Services

At South Shore Painting Contractors , we do more than paint.  We offer custom cabinetry, furniture design, and molding installations.  It may be more affordable in the short run to purchase ready-made cabinets from IKEA, but you will pay for it in the long run.  Assembly required furniture never lasts longer than a few years.  Custom cabinets cost a bit more up front, but it will last beyond your lifetime.  Bespoke bookcases, tables and chairs can be bequeathed as heirlooms.  They can be enjoyed for generations to come.  Our master carpenters can create chest of drawers, end tables, consoles and stairs.  We can work on site at your request. 

South Shore Painting Contractors Carpentry


Enlist us to repair, design, and create custom cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, entertainment room, and office.  We will use your existing décor and architecture as the guide.  While most modern homes have walk in closets, the allure of a custom built armoire is unmatched.  We can include a mirror and intricate details that you will adore.  Perhaps you’ve been searching online and visiting furniture stores online, trying to find the perfect dining room table and chairs.  It may be time to consider custom design and fabrication.  If you have a particular image in your head, allow us to turn it into a 3-dimensional reality. 

Custom carpentry doesn’t have to be elaborate.  Sometimes you may desire more function than form.  Ask us to repair, make, and install shelving in your garage or pantry.  We can create simple and ornate bookcases to house your literature and academic collections.  You have an amazing collection and it deserves to be seen and organized.  Unless you spend your weekends shopping estate sales, it can be difficult to find the right chest of drawers for your home.  Most of the items on the market are either ultra contemporary or faux traditional.  For a quality chest of drawers that your grandchildren can inherit, contact us.   

Globalization has made it possible to purchase end tables for $15.  Sounds good until you consider the conditions in which it was manufactured.  The pollution and people impacted by cheap mass produced furniture is enormous.  Not to mention how frustrating it is to put together furniture with a tiny allen wrench and incoherent directions.  South Shore Painting Contractors is located conveniently in your area.  We can arrive within 24 hours for a free consultation.  Master carpenters can repair and construct end tables and consoles to your unique specifications.  Allow us to create a conversation piece for your home or office.      

If you’ve decided to turn your attic into a private office, you will probably need a custom stair case.  We’ll make it easy to get in and out of your office.  Our team can repair and install steps on-site for your front and back doors.  Our knowledge of timber and how to work with it makes it possible to create bespoke kitchens suitable for your lifestyle and personality.  Consider a wine rack installed in your stairs to conserve space and provide convenience.  We offer turn key design, manufacture, and installation.  Our carpenters create a balance between practicality and style.  Experience the harmony of bespoke stair and kitchen fittings when you choose us.