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Power Washing

Home and Commercial Power Washing in Quincy, MA Area

If a painting contractor offers to paint your home without pre-cleaning it – run!  Your paint might look good for a year, but without power washing prior to the paint application, it will not adhere properly.  The paint will prematurely fail without proper preparation.  Power washing has multiple residential and commercial applications outside of paint preparation.  It can be used to remove graffiti, gum and glue from surfaces.  With the right Psi, it can strip paint from surfaces to restore it to its original condition.  To learn more about power washing, contact us today for a free consultation. 

South Shore Painting Contractors Power Washing


Enlist South Shore Painting Contractors to effectively clean your gutters with power washing.  No more standing on ladders and dealing with the leaves, or bird and rodent nests in your gutters.  Allow us to take care of it.  We can restore brick work, sidewalks and pavement with efficient power washing.  The service can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the scope of the work.  Pressure washing enhances your curb appeal and increases the value of your home.  You might think that your home needs fresh paint.  See how you feel after it has been thoroughly power washed.  

Restaurants, drive-thrus and gas stations can benefit immensely from pressure washing.  We use hot water pressure to remove oil and gum from surfaces.  Once we’re finished, your drive-thru, parking lot, and sidewalks will be gleaming like new.  Restore your property and attract the right clientele with commercial pressure washing.  We can have garages, dumpster areas and service entrances clean as a whistle.  Awnings, entry ways and epoxy flooring should be cleaned periodically with swift and effective power washing.  Pressure washing removes rust, mold, dirt, algae, grease and oil.  It can be used to clean the interior and exterior of your business. 

It may sound odd, but dirty and gum ridden sidewalks reflect poorly on your property.  It doesn’t matter if you have a business or home.  A dirty sidewalk diminishes its value.  Instead of attempting to ignore the problem, contact us today to have your sidewalk cleaned tomorrow.  It takes less than 30 minutes to thoroughly pressure wash in front of a property.  While we’re at it, we can clean the awning and brick front.  Wood, aluminum siding and concrete can also be cleaned using various Psi levels.  If you’ve been the victim of vandalism, contact South Shore Painting Contractors to power wash your store front.

When you’ve been victimized by so called ‘graffiti artists’ it can be frustrating.  Tagging is an unnecessary manifestation of teenage angst.  Unfortunately, it’s your responsibility to clean it up.  Contact us the moment you notice your property has been vandalized.  We remove graffiti from schools, monuments, tombstones, mass transit areas, and vehicles.  The team will use tender loving care to remove dirt, mold, and chemicals from surfaces.  We spot check the area with chemical solvents, temperature, and pressure before initiating the cleaning process.  Concrete, brick, stucco, aluminum siding, glass, wood, and pavement can be gently cleaned with power washing.