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Painting Rockland, MA

Rockland, MA - South Shore Painting Contractors

South Shore Painting Contractors offers its services in Rockland, MA and other towns and cities on the South Shore. 

The town of Rockland is located in Plymouth County and is approximately 20 miles from Boston. Rockland is best known for its industrial history, and like many surrounding towns, was home to several shoe manufacturers. Today, Rockland is home to just under 20,000 residents and many mills have be converted into housing or venues for local artists. The town serves as the headquarters for Rockland Trust Company. South Shore Painting Contractors are proud to offer our services in the town of Rockland.

Our professional team is here to answer questions about your painting project. Call us at 781-394-9559 or request a free instant quote, to see if we service your town.

South Shore Painting Contractors Rockland MA