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Why Are Drywall Repairs Necessary Before Painting?

Drywall is known as a primary part of any home’s interior. It is fire-resistant and offers insulation. When it’s time to provide your home with an outstanding interior paint job, you should first check if your drywall is in good condition.

If you think painting your interior drywall without checking for damage, you risk damaging your interior paint job. The damage to the drywall will make it more challenging for the paint to stick. These problems will then lead to leaking, causing your interior to look junky.

Why Drywall Repair Is Essential Before You Paint

Why Drywall Repair Is Essential Before You Paint - Southshore Painting Contractors

Several benefits go with repainting the interior of your house. While this may look like an easy task, things can get more challenging if your fail to repair your drywall. In this article, our highly skilled professionals will explain the three main reasons why drywall repair is an important step before painting.

Fix Holes & Cracks Before You Paint

Fix Holes & Cracks Before You Paint - Southshore Painting Contractors

A professional paint job will surely result in smooth and flawless walls. However, that glossy look doesn’t happen if your walls are wrapped with a spiderweb of holes and cracks. Drywall repair solves these problems so you can have even and quality painting results.

Foundation Check

Foundation Check - Southshore Painting Contractors

The drywall problems you find indicate a damaged foundation. These issues can be a major concern when painting the walls. This is why we recommend you identify this basic problem by checking the foundation and getting it repaired prior to painting.

Produces a Smoother Finish

Produces a Smoother Finish - Southshore Painting Contractorts

Doing a drywall repair will make the outcome of your paint job look clean and flawless. You don’t want lumpy walls with marks and bubbles right after you’ve completed the paint job.

So, patchwork is important before painting, whether you have huge holes or minor flaws. Hiring professional painters will take some of the work off your hands.

Addresses Water Damage Ahead of Time

Southshore Painting Contractors - Addresses Water Damage Ahead of Time

You might believe that a few extra coats of paint will protect against water damage. The truth is, it’s better handled through drywall repair.

Without proper maintenance, water damage may bleed through the paint, producing bubbles and stains. In worst cases, your wall may get spongy, which also means it’s a little too late for repair. Save yourself from expensive problems through drywall repair – let our team do the job for you.

Is Drywall Very Costly To Repair?

Is Drywall Very Costly To Repair - Southshore Painting Contractors

For just smaller holes, a patch can be used from another piece of drywall. This patch is then fitted into the hole, often widened to contain it neatly. Next is to tape it into place and apply coats of primer and paint. Finally, you can finish it with cement so that the repairs aren’t visible.

In more damaged portions, the elimination of bigger pieces of drywall is necessary. You won’t have to worry about the costs since new parts aren’t really that expensive, nor is the cost of labor. Drywall repair is indeed a straightforward yet necessary task.

Consult the Drywall Repair Professionals at South Shore Painting Contractors

Consult the Drywall Repair Professionals - South Shore Painting Contractors

While drywall maintenance may seem like an effortless task you can do by yourself, it’s necessary to know that interior wall repairs prior to any painting job will need skilled professionals. Even if you only see tiny cracks and holes, professional drywall repairs are necessary if you want walls that look flawless and that can last a lifetime.

South Shore Painting Contractors also offers exterior painting, power washing, carpentry repairs, and deck repair and restoration.

Contact our friendly customer support team to get you started on your drywall repair project! You can also fill out our online form for a free, no-obligation estimate. Contact us at (781) 394-9559. We look forward to working with you!

Benefits of Painting Your Commercial Building

Do you remember the last time you had your business property painted? Is the interior or exterior of the establishment crumbling, damaged, or flaking? If your building has existed a few years since it was first painted, then you should consider getting it painted again.

How would you feel about negotiating with a company whose property looked dull and flat? Wouldn’t that give you the belief that they don’t care about details or about making a good impression? Your best bet on having a good impression on your employees and customers is to have your property repainted. 

There are numerous reasons to have your property repainted. Beyond improving its appearance, a fresh coat of paint can shield the surface and provide other advantages as well. In this article, we will give you six more benefits on why your commercial building needs a repaint. 

Boost Foot Traffic

Most of us prefer a well-kept structure over one that is neglected and shabby. First impression matters if you want to draw more customers to your firm. If your property screams negligence, consumers may walk away as they assume that your firm is poorly maintained. 

If customers enter an establishment, then find the interior looks dull and dirty, or there are dents and spots on the walls, they will surely not want to stay long. If your business is retail, dining, hospitality, or another entity trying to lure consumers in to visit and buy, repainting and well-maintenance are a must. 

Regulatory compliance

You may work in an industry where having certain parts of your building painted is regulated by industry bodies for health and safety reasons. In these cases, you must comply with these rules to avoid any penalties and show your customers you follow industry rules.


Over time your business property is likely to change; either it improves or it rots. Having your establishment repainted will help you stay on top of your branding or even ahead of your competition.

South Shore Painting Contractors can aid your business remain on brand, whether that’s a matter of modifying your store’s interiors or repainting your exterior to resemble better branding.

When you decide to paint your commercial building once again, you give your clients and customers a quality experience while visiting your firm. 

Protect Your Property

Protect Your Property-South Shore Painting Contractors, MA

Painting is an essential part of preventive care for commercial properties. It is a cost-effective asset to all kinds of firms. Protecting the building by keeping it well-painted protects the outer surface of your structure from deteriorating. Doing this will also help property owners from having more expensive damages later on. 

Quality Tenants

Renters searching office spaces or residence building are more likely to approach your rental property if the surface and walls are visually attractive. A good first impression will undoubtedly draw buyers.

The more tenants you have means you can keep a consistent income stream. Upgrading the exterior and interior of the space will also contribute to the pleasure of the current residents. Painting rental houses might give tenants the impression that their building is well-maintained. 

The industry standard maintains that a structure should be repainted every five years to appear aesthetically appealing. However, the frequency is also determined by the building’s function. A busy warehouse may require painting less frequently than a conventional office space.


Believe it or not, repainting your commercial building will save you more money in the long run. Having your business’ exterior repainted regularly can help prevent significant deterioration, which means you could avoid spending on a much bigger re-decorating job in the future. 

The weather can considerably impact your building, whether it be sun or rain, so make sure your building is always looking its best.

Entrust Your Establishment to Professional Commercial Painters | South Shore Painting Contractors

Entrust Your Establishment to Professional Commercial Painters

Whether you want to rebrand or simply invite more customers, repainting your company will surely give your establishment a fresh, professional look. Keep in mind that a new paint job is an asset. It will bring your company new consumers and clients. Other than that, repainting your commercial property will save you more money from future repairs. 

Call South Shore Painting Contractors if your commercial building needs repaint or some tender love and care. Our team is fully committed to supplying you with high-quality painting services. You can call us at 781-394-9559. 

Interior Color Selection Tips

One important aspect of creating a beautiful and welcoming home is the interior. The interior of a house is more than just an aesthetic arrangement of different elements; it is a reflection of the personalities of the people who live there. And when it comes to designing a perfect and stunning interior, painting is always involved, and we all know that color is extremely important in interior painting.

Choosing an interior color is not as easy as picking out a dress for a friend’s wedding. Your home’s appearance and vibe will always have an impact on you, your family, and visitors. So, here’s a list of things to consider when selecting a color for your home’s interior.

Choose a Color Scheme That Goes Well with Your Furniture

Choose a Color Scheme That Goes Well with Your Furniture  South Shore  Painting Contractors

You can’t put a dark mahogany wooden chair in front of an awkward, frenzy wall. Even when some fixtures and furniture are versatile, certain colors bring out their best features. Because color is complex in itself, one can create a harmonious palette by drawing different shades and hues from a single color. You can go to a paint store and get some advice and suggestions on what colors and shades to use for your walls. Make use of the color wheel!

Check for Popular Interior Designs and Wall Paints

It’s not easy to find an interior base and complementary color. If you’re having trouble deciding on a color scheme, look up the most famous interior designers and take inspiration from them. For a more sophisticated and controlled look, consider Benjamin Moore Classic Gray. Sherwin Williams also has Pure White, Repose Gray, and Sea Salt. There are a lot of options available online.

Be Familiar with Undertones    

Do you ever wonder why you can’t get specific color effects on your interior walls? This is due to a lack of undertone involvement. Most warm paint colors, such as yellow or red, have a warm undertone. While blue, green, or grey undertones are examples of cool undertones. You must decide whether you prefer warm or cool colors so that you can use the appropriate base. 

Use Neutral Colors to Accentuate Furniture and Decorative   

It’s fun to be daring and innovative, but when you have a complex and colorful fixture, furniture, or decoration, it’s best to go neutral. You must decide which color will best accentuate and complement your furniture and other decorative items.

The Three-Paint Color Rule!     

To avoid visual chaos, keep your palette to three colors. Dark, medium, and light colors have 6:3:2 ratios. This will also help to connect each spot and create visual harmony. It’s best to hire professional painting contractors to help you choose the right color scheme.

Different Direction, Different Lighting  

One good trick is knowing how much light enters each room in your house.  Parts of your home facing south will have warmer light, which may wash out warm colors, so choose a cooler shade. The warmer color, on the other hand, will work better in areas that get a lot of sunlight in the morning. Warm or cool colors can be used in east and west-facing rooms, respectively.

Choose Your Paint – Sheens 

The type of paint you use will certainly affect the look of your interior. Flat or matte paint has no shine and is best suited for low traffic areas. There’s flat enamel which also has no shine but is a lot easier to clean.  Eggshell enamel has a slight sheen, whereas satin enamel has a higher sheen and works well in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. Semi-gloss enamel is also a shiny finish that can be used on cabinets and trim. The high-gloss enamel has an almost glass-like finish that is ideal for high-use surfaces and ceilings.

Exude The Vibe You Want to Give Off with South Shore Painting!

It’s your home, so let your personality shine through. If you want a historical feel, choose a palette that reflects that without overpowering your space. Remember, you’re the one who gets to see and stay in the place, so make a genuine and authentic choice!

Live happily in your home! South Shore Painting Contractors will help you in selecting the most appropriate color palette and paint type for the interior of your home. We specialize in interior painting and are known as the best house painters in South Shore. Start your interior makeover with us today.  Call us at 781-394-9559 for a free quote!

Do I need to move my furniture for the painters?

man moving the furniture for painting

Preparing your home before a painting project can be a hassle for painters and homeowners alike. Paint jobs will restrict some areas of your home, making them off-limits for at least 24 hours. However, we are homeowners ourselves, and we understand that you will need to empty the room, or rooms, being painted by moving your furniture for the painters to have a successful painting job. 

At South Shore Painting Contractors, we aim to give you a flawless painting process. In the interest of having your home return to you in the shortest time possible, consider these steps on how you can prepare your home before doing a paint job. 


Empty The Room

The first thing you can do is keep the room, or rooms, empty. If you can’t move your items fully, you can let the painters take advantage of other rooms that do not have much furniture first. It is easier to paint an empty room or a room with fewer items because there is less to cover up and work around. If you plan on having all the rooms in your home painted at one time, try to do that before you move in. If you’re already living in the home, coordinate with the painters. Ask if they can do half the rooms one day, and the other half another day.


Moving Your Furniture

Painting contractors want to alter your home routine as minimally as possible. However, when doing a difficult job such as painting, disruption is indeed inevitable. That is why it is crucial to address where your belongings must be moved before the painting starts. Also, when painting the ceiling, remove your furniture as soon as possible. You can always cover your expensive electronics and furniture, but it would be best to remove them when painting. 


Use Drop Cloths

If you can’t move your electronics or furniture to another area, keep them away from walls you plan on painting. Cover them with a thick drop cloth or quality plastic sheet. Using drop cloths will protect your items from splatters and unwanted drips. 

With a bit of preparation, you can protect your belongings while saving yourself some time. The professionals at South Shore Painting Contractors are available every day to assist you with your painting project. Contact us here for more information. 


3 More Tips To Do Before Your Painting Project


Protect Your Kitchen and Bathroom

If you are painting your kitchen or your bathroom, you must find a clean space to move the items inside the kitchen cabinets, such as pots and pans. If you don’t plan on painting inside the cabinets, you might be able to cover everything over. When in doubt, check with the painting contractor to see what they suggest.


Plan Your Sleeping Arrangements

This is more of general advice, but it is essential to remember, nonetheless. If you are painting your bedroom, plan an alternative sleeping arrangement before the painters arrive. Chances are you won’t be sleeping in a newly painted room due to the likelihood of touching fresh paint, as well as the unbearable paint smell. 

Furthermore, remove your nightstands and cover your dressers with plastic. You also want to remove picture frames or paintings off of the bedroom walls. The experts at South Shore Painting Contractors understand that you value your belonging. We want to avoid any risk of damages. 


Keep Areas Ventilated

Twenty or more years ago, paint fumes linger for many days. The paint formulation today, even those brands not labeled as zero VOC (volatile organic compounds), only have minimal odor. However, we still recommend you to keep your space ventilated.

House interior painting

South Shore Painting Contractors | Call Us At 781-394-9559 

We know that it can be difficult to sacrifice a bit of time and space to get a painting job done. But we promise that the outcome will be worth it. If there are things you are unsure about, give our painting contractors a call. Preparing your home before painters arrive to do the job will only take a little planning on your part. Still, it is worth the effort since the tips we mentioned above will surely add to the overall success of your project. If you’re looking for painting services on the South Shore, give us a call. We are looking forward to working with you.

Why Is It Important to Pressure Wash Your Home Before Painting?

A paint job can turn any house into a brand-new-looking masterpiece. It may be tempting to begin painting your walls today but remember that you can’t simply paint your home without pressure washing. In this article, we will discuss why pressure washing is necessary before pulling out the paintbrush. We also included a few considerations to keep in mind before starting any paint job.

Five Reasons Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Home

Pressure Washing Cleans Surfaces

Pressure washing is an exceptional way to ensure that the existing surface of your home is ready for its makeover. This is necessary, especially when you are planning to repaint or refinish the exterior of your home. Pressure wash removes the dirt and grime, reassuring you that you will have a clean and smooth surface to paint.

Protects Your Home and Your Family 

Dust and mildew, as we all know, can affect your home’s appearance. Don’t forget that they can affect the health of your family as well. Removing them with pressure washing keeps you and your whole family from getting sick. 

Pressure Washing Saves You Time

Without a doubt, pressure washing is an efficient way to keep your home exterior clean. We know that your time is valuable, and by that, we know that efficiency is vital when it comes to sanitation. When you let the experts pressure wash your home, you save yourself from stress, such as climbing ladders or mixing cleaning solutions.

Restores Curb Appeal 

With pressure washing, your home gets a brand-new look without having to spend money on renovations. This is because pressure washing is a restoration process and its goal is to remove stains, molds, and baked-in dirt. As a result, pressure washing gives your property a refreshing look and restores curb appeal. 

Increase Property Value

Pressure washing makes the paint job even better, which means it increases the property value of your home. It is a no-brainer that you can always rent or sell a property much easier with an excellent paint job. 

How to Pressure Wash Your Home Before Painting

It is critical to keep the exterior of your home clean and sanitary before doing any paint job. Even if it appears to be clean, you should still consider giving it a thorough check. Pressure washing is by far the safest method you can do to keep your house exterior safe and clean. 

South Shore MA painting contractors

Why Should I Give My Home a Pressure Wash Before Painting?

If you are planning to pressure wash before doing any exterior painting, the best thing you can do is hire experts from South Shore Painting Contractors. As essential as pressure washing is, doing it incorrectly can do worse than not doing it at all. Below are the essential factors to keep in mind when pressure washing:

  • Right Amount of PressureKeeping proper pressure means you clean the exterior properly. However, high pressure can get into your walls, causing interior water damages.  
  • Solid Application: Doing pressure washing without the skills and experience may damage window screens, home siding, and other corners of your property. 
  • The Expertise of Materials: Specific materials have different effects to pressure washing. When you coordinate with skilled washers, you won’t have to worry about causing any damages to your home exterior. 

Pressure Wash Your Home With South Shore Painting Contractors

Needless to say, pressure washing is beneficial. Not only it cleans your home exterior, but it also protects your family from dirt and mildew. Pressure washing, prior to painting, cleans the exterior surface, which will help extend the life of the new paint job.

However, you must also consider the hands of those who will pressure wash your home. While you can accomplish fair results when doing it on your own, pressure washing done by professionals can make the task faster, cheaper and more effective.

When it’s time to pressure wash or do exterior painting in South Shore, MA, call us at South Shore Painting Contractors. We generate premium paint jobs for neighborhoods all over the South Shore. To get your free estimate on pressure washing, contact us here today. Our friendly representatives are happy to assist you with your pressure washing and painting needs

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What kind of paint?

Red wall - What kind of paint?

How A House Painter Chooses Paint Type
Choosing the type of paint for your house is something a lot of people leave to professional house painters.  However, if you have the time, experience, and dedication, this is something that you may be able to do yourself.  In the long run, it may cut your costs significantly. 
The two types of paints that people choose from are oil and latex. Conventional wisdom says that you want to choose oil paints, however, modern latex paints can provide just as much durability as oil did in the past.  This guide will help you pick which one is right for your home.
Oil Based Paints For Exterior Painters
Old school professional painters sometimes say that oil provides a better finish compared to latex, especially on surfaces that are distressed. Oil based ones are long lasting, and resistant to water.  When they dry, they provide a solid finish, which is why they are the paint of choice for many professional exterior painters. This type is also easy to level, and can stay exposed to the elements longer before it dries. If you are repainting a house that has used oil in the past, it’s best to use oil again.  You will want to stir these frequently as letting them sit can cause the paint to separate and degrade.  Keep in mind that you can’t use any old brush for oil – you have to use specialized rollers and brushes.  These should be designated on the packaging.  Additionally, it tends to yellow in sunlight over time, is flammable, and requires you to use a solvent when cleaning it up. 
Latex Based Paints for Exterior Painters
Latex paint used to be a hassle for house painters, due to temperature restrictions and consistency issues. However, with improvements in research and development, they have improved greatly, and can be just as long lasting as oil paints.  The main advantage of latex is that they are easier to work with.  They have less odor, dry faster, can be cleaned up using water, are more flexible, they aren’t a fire hazard, and they don’t yellow over time due to sunlight exposure.  They also do better with mold and mildew.
However, they do dry much faster than their counterpart, so you have to get the job done quicker before doing it.  Also, there is a difference between exterior and interior types, so you will want to get the proper one.  Additionally, don’t use latex, if you’re covering oil.  If you go this route, you will have to scrape and sand away the other paint before you lay down a new coat.  If your surface isn’t distressed, most professional house painters suggest going the latex route due to its safety and ease of use.
How To Know If You Have Oil Or Latex Paint
First, find a large, loose chip, and pick it off.  If it’s latex, bending it will provide some give before it shatters.  The opposite is true for oil, which tends to break without much pressure.  If you want a surefire answer, bring it to a paint shop.  They can test it there.  Once again, no matter what paint you are using, you will have to use whatever paint a house painter applied before to prevent improper layering which results in chipping.  It’s also smart to sand and scrape away any excess, old paint, before applying a new layer.  This allows for continuity, and durability no matter what paint you use.
So there you have it.  If you decide to do it yourself, or hire a professional house painter that acts as an interior painter, or an exterior painter, you now know which ones are the best for your home.  While all painting requires you to throw down cloths, remove excess paint, and tape off trim, the difference between applying latex and oil is different, and comes with different pros and cons.  Now you can make an informed decision based on your circumstances.

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