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Deck Restoration Services

Timber is the most popular material for deck construction.  Unfortunately, it requires a great deal of maintenance.  Wood decks must be stained every 2 to 3 years.  Painting Contractors South Shore can power wash, replace warped planks, re-seal, and stain your deck.  The service is so affordable that you’ll wonder why you didn’t contact us sooner.  Deck restoration takes 1 to 2 days for completion.  We stand by the quality of our work by offering a comprehensive warranty.  Contact us to restore your deck and porch today and take advantage of a complimentary consultation.  Peruse our digital portfolio of before and after pictures to view the breath of our work.

Shore Painting Contractors Deck Restoration Staining Sealing


Here are some tell tale signs that your deck is in need of restoration.  Have you noticed flaking, peeling or chipping?  If that’s the case, your deck could stand to be re-stained.  Is the wood discolored or faded?  An unattractive deck provides less enjoyment.  Enlist us to get your deck back to barbecue hosting status –stat!  If your deck is overrun with termites, don’t wait until it’s falling apart to do something about it.  We can replace the affected areas and get rid of the termites with a special treatment.  Unsightly mold and algae can be power washed away.  The final result is a deck worthy of backyard parties and intimate gatherings.    

The process required to restore your deck is extensive.  The first step involves a thorough power washing.  Once it’s cleaned, we check for rot and insect infestations.  Next, we rectify any nail pops, as well as replace warped bannisters and planks.  We sand out splinters and drive in loose screws.  Our team of professionals strip the existing paint or stain surface.  Afterwards, they wash the surface with detergent and rinse.  Holes and cracks are filled with an acrylic application.  A thick resurfacing material is applied with a roller.  The entire process takes 3 to 5 hours.  We recommend that you wait up to 5 days before replacing the furniture.    

Contact us at least 2 weeks before you host your next backyard party.  If you promised your cousin that you’d host her baby shower at your place, you’ll want a lead time of at least 1 week before the event date.  Although the actual restoration process takes a few hours, it’s the drying time that we must prepare for.  Because the resurfacing material is extremely thick, it requires up to 5 days to completely cure.  It is designed to withstand rain, cold and thaw cycles, snow and hail.  Once your deck is restored, it will be in excellent condition for another 5 years.   

When you consider the price to demolition and install a new deck, the costs to restore your existing deck are nil.  A new deck can cost thousands of dollars.  When you enlist South Shore Painting Contractors to restore your deck, the final cost is less than what you would have paid for a new deck.  It’s difficult to provide an accurate estimate without knowing what we are dealing with.  Shoot us an email, complete with photos so that we can gain a better understanding of your deck’s condition.  Our quotations are free, so there is no risk calling us for more information.  Better yet, schedule a complimentary consultation so that our deck specialist can view your property first hand.  Our workmanship is backed by a comprehensive warranty.