Do I need to move my furniture for the painters?

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Preparing your home before a painting project can be a hassle for painters and homeowners alike. Paint jobs will restrict some areas of your home, making them off-limits for at least 24 hours. However, we are homeowners ourselves, and we understand that you will need to empty the room, or rooms, being painted by moving your furniture for the painters to have a successful painting job.

At South Shore Painting Contractors, we aim to give you a flawless painting process. In the interest of having your home return to you in the shortest time possible, consider these steps on how you can prepare your home before doing a paint job.

Empty The Room

The first thing you can do is keep the room, or rooms, empty. If you can’t move your items fully, you can let the painters take advantage of other rooms that do not have much furniture first. It is easier to paint an empty room or a room with fewer items because there is less to cover up and work around. If you plan on having all the rooms in your home painted at one time, try to do that before you move in. If you’re already living in the home, coordinate with the painters. Ask if they can do half the rooms one day, and the other half another day.

Moving Your Furniture

Painting contractors want to alter your home routine as minimally as possible. However, when doing a difficult job such as painting, disruption is indeed inevitable. That is why it is crucial to address where your belongings must be moved before the painting starts. Also, when painting the ceiling, remove your furniture as soon as possible. You can always cover your expensive electronics and furniture, but it would be best to remove them when painting.

Use Drop Cloths

If you can’t move your electronics or furniture to another area, keep them away from walls you plan on painting. Cover them with a thick drop cloth or quality plastic sheet. Using drop cloths will protect your items from splatters and unwanted drips.

With a bit of preparation, you can protect your belongings while saving yourself some time. The professionals at South Shore Painting Contractors are available every day to assist you with your painting project. Contact us here for more information.

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3 More Tips To Do Before Your Painting Project

Protect Your Kitchen and Bathroom

If you are painting your kitchen or your bathroom, you must find a clean space to move the items inside the kitchen cabinets, such as pots and pans. If you don’t plan on painting inside the cabinets, you might be able to cover everything over. When in doubt, check with the painting contractor to see what they suggest.

Plan Your Sleeping Arrangements

This is more of general advice, but it is essential to remember, nonetheless. If you are painting your bedroom, plan an alternative sleeping arrangement before the painters arrive. Chances are you won’t be sleeping in a newly painted room due to the likelihood of touching fresh paint, as well as the unbearable paint smell.

Furthermore, remove your nightstands and cover your dressers with plastic. You also want to remove picture frames or paintings off of the bedroom walls. The experts at South Shore Painting Contractors understand that you value your belonging. We want to avoid any risk of damages.

Keep Areas Ventilated

Twenty or more years ago, paint fumes linger for many days. The paint formulation today, even those brands not labeled as zero VOC (volatile organic compounds), only have minimal odor. However, we still recommend you to keep your space ventilated.

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We know that it can be difficult to sacrifice a bit of time and space to get a painting job done. But we promise that the outcome will be worth it. If there are things you are unsure about, give our painting contractors a call. Preparing your home before painters arrive to do the job will only take a little planning on your part. Still, it is worth the effort since the tips we mentioned above will surely add to the overall success of your project. If you’re looking for interior painting services in Duxbury, MA, and other areas on the South Shore, give us a call. We are looking forward to working with you.

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