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One important aspect of creating a beautiful and welcoming home is the interior. The interior of a house is more than just an aesthetic arrangement of different elements; it is a reflection of the personalities of the people who live there. And when it comes to designing a perfect and stunning interior, painting is always involved, and we all know that color is extremely important in interior painting.

Choosing an interior color is not as easy as picking out a dress for a friend’s wedding. Your home’s appearance and vibe will always have an impact on you, your family, and visitors. So, here’s a list of things to consider when selecting a color for your home’s interior.

Choose a Color Scheme That Goes Well with Your Furniture

Choose a Color Scheme That Goes Well with Your Furniture  South Shore  Painting Contractors

You can’t put a dark mahogany wooden chair in front of an awkward, frenzy wall. Even when some fixtures and furniture are versatile, certain colors bring out their best features. Because color is complex in itself, one can create a harmonious palette by drawing different shades and hues from a single color. You can go to a paint store and get some advice and suggestions on what colors and shades to use for your walls. Make use of the color wheel!

Check for Popular Interior Designs and Wall Paints

It’s not easy to find an interior base and complementary color. If you’re having trouble deciding on a color scheme, look up the most famous interior designers and take inspiration from them. For a more sophisticated and controlled look, consider Benjamin Moore Classic Gray. Sherwin Williams also has Pure White, Repose Gray, and Sea Salt. There are a lot of options available online.

Be Familiar with Undertones    

Do you ever wonder why you can’t get specific color effects on your interior walls? This is due to a lack of undertone involvement. Most warm paint colors, such as yellow or red, have a warm undertone. While blue, green, or grey undertones are examples of cool undertones. You must decide whether you prefer warm or cool colors so that you can use the appropriate base. 

Use Neutral Colors to Accentuate Furniture and Decorative   

It’s fun to be daring and innovative, but when you have a complex and colorful fixture, furniture, or decoration, it’s best to go neutral. You must decide which color will best accentuate and complement your furniture and other decorative items.

The Three-Paint Color Rule!     

To avoid visual chaos, keep your palette to three colors. Dark, medium, and light colors have 6:3:2 ratios. This will also help to connect each spot and create visual harmony. It’s best to hire professional painting contractors to help you choose the right color scheme.

Different Direction, Different Lighting  

One good trick is knowing how much light enters each room in your house.  Parts of your home facing south will have warmer light, which may wash out warm colors, so choose a cooler shade. The warmer color, on the other hand, will work better in areas that get a lot of sunlight in the morning. Warm or cool colors can be used in east and west-facing rooms, respectively.

Choose Your Paint – Sheens 

The type of paint you use will certainly affect the look of your interior. Flat or matte paint has no shine and is best suited for low traffic areas. There’s flat enamel which also has no shine but is a lot easier to clean.  Eggshell enamel has a slight sheen, whereas satin enamel has a higher sheen and works well in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. Semi-gloss enamel is also a shiny finish that can be used on cabinets and trim. The high-gloss enamel has an almost glass-like finish that is ideal for high-use surfaces and ceilings.

Exude The Vibe You Want to Give Off with South Shore Painting!

It’s your home, so let your personality shine through. If you want a historical feel, choose a palette that reflects that without overpowering your space. Remember, you’re the one who gets to see and stay in the place, so make a genuine and authentic choice!

Live happily in your home! South Shore Painting Contractors will help you in selecting the most appropriate color palette and paint type for the interior of your home. We specialize in interior painting and are known as the best house painters in South Shore. Start your interior makeover with us today.  Call us at 781-394-9559 for a free quote!

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