Update Your Exterior Paint Scheme

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Over time, every homeowner considers what their home will look like with a fresh new coat of paint. And there are so many exterior paint colors to choose from; where does one begin?

We’ve compiled some of the best exterior paint schemes that will pair beautifully with your dream porch ideas, etc. 

​With some guidance and a little imagination, your home can be the envy of the neighborhood. With a shiny new coat of paint and some equally dazzling shutters, trim, and door ideas.

​We’ve noticed that steel blues, stone greys and warm greens are trending and popular for the exterior of homes. They are often paired with white or creamy colors for trim. But before you start dreaming, take a look around to see your landscape, fixtures and other surrounding to ensure a feeling of cohesion.

We suggest that when choosing a color scheme for the exterior of a home, rather than focus on what is trendy, look for schemes that are appropriate.  The style of the home should be taken into consideration along with the building materials used on the home.

Homeowners should also consider the neighborhood’s color tones to harmonize best with the environment. Try not to choose extreme, bright and bold colors to ensure they have a timeless exterior and won’t clash with the feel of your neighborhood.


When using neutral colors on the exterior, natural tones can give a home a look of maturity, timelessness, and integrity. Look for shades that are warm and cool.  This will create a blank slate to go wild with your creativity.

For a classic colonial style, why not try a steely blue with an off white trim?  It is also perfect with bright white paint or even a soft grey-white that stands out boldly next to a soft creamy yellow hue.  We have also seen a pail lilac that works beautifully with the neutral trim.

Dark Houses

Dark houses are trending, and we love pairing them with a red door. To keep them from feeling bold and modern, use a classic red. As I am sure you know, there is nothing worse than when a hot trend goes out of style!

But don’t stop that from pairing up vibrant colors!  Weathered shingles, for example, would look great with an apple green or bright blue on the shingles and doors. What great with to keep the house feeling fresh and up to date. Create and reflect your unique style and add some personality to your home.

These subtle changes will allow for your creativity to fly as far as adding accent colors on your doors, shutters, and more.


Present a cheery look for your home! By choosing a buttery yellow for the exterior, you won’t be over the top.
Warm off-yellows have the ability to breathe life into a home and can convey a friendly environment to guests.  The perfect shade of yellow will make your home inviting and homey. Maybe pair it with a bold statement?  How about black shutters and a dark grey door, perhaps. Just be careful of the shade.  Overly bright shades of yellows or neon can easily clash or come off as aggressive and overpowering.
Most dark paint tones will complement the yellow exterior of your home by using it for your shutters, etc.

Remember,  a cheery yellow brightens up the day!  It may seem odd, but pairing it with a subtle grey will make it pop just enough that it doesn’t feel out of place or forced.

Gray and Green

Another recent trend is greys and greens.  They are colors that compliment your current exterior materials, such as stone or brick.  Using the surrounding natural colors of the pavement and stones blend the home to create synchronicity.
Complement the with a greenish-grey or a slightly brighter tone that’ll look stunning in the bright summer sun.

Update Your Exterior Paint Scheme, South Shore Painting Contractors

Paint the trim white that has a grey hue to it for a subtle pairing against the grey and green exterior.
Don’t be afraid to go to the dark side, either. Just keep the trim and surrounding landscaping light and airy.

​The combinations are endless. Remember, at the end of the day, it comes down to personality and your imagination!

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