Ten Key Questions To Ask Your Painting Contractor

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What is an excellent way of maintaining your house? Painting it inside and out. Not only does it beautify your home, but it also protects it from elements, weather, animals, and the sun. And since it is an extensive project, you want to contract the most trusted painter in town.

If you are from the neighborhood of Marshfield, Brockton, and Braintree, you are in luck. We have one of the best house painters in the area. South Shore Painting Contractors knows color and has the skills to complete any painting job. 

Do not sell yourself short. Think not only of the cost you will pay but the things you should need from a contractor. Ask them the requirements they must meet. Here are some of them.

Are you licensed?

Interior and exterior house painters must be certified throughout every state. This signifies they have demonstrated a fundamental understanding of painting. It also implies that if they do not perform up to expectations, they risk losing something. 

Are you covered by insurance?

Things might go wrong when painters are on the job. Accidents and injuries happen even if they are uncommon. In addition, because they are on your property, you may be responsible for medical claims and repair expenses if their firm fails to offer insurance. 

Make sure the company you hire is insured for both liability and workers’ compensation. The best house painters gladly supply you with a policy for each contractor.

Is it possible to get a list of references?

Request a list of their customers. You can always call to inquire about their experiences with the company. If you want to see their exterior or interior paint job in person, do not hesitate to ask permission.

Also, request a portfolio. The painters’ websites may not be updated regularly. However,  they likely have a record of their most outstanding projects that they can share with you in some manner.

Who will be a part of my team?

Ask whether you will have the same individuals in your home for the project’s duration, especially if it will take more than one day. Find out who will be your primary contact for the project, whether it is an on-site project supervisor or a call from the headquarters.

Inquire if the firm employs subcontractors as well. And if so, whether a business representative works with them on site.

How much will the paint job cost?

Certapro.com says this is most likely the most significant important question you will ask. Remember, low prices are not always the best deal. Avoid employing unqualified and unskilled house painters. Don’t settle for an underwhelming home painting project to save a few bucks.

Likewise, be aware that you will unlikely receive a firm price. Things change throughout a job. Thus, the costs fluctuate if you add or remove any bits of work. The estimate, however, should be close to the final price.

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How do you prepare for painting?

Is the cost of painting prep inclusive of drywall/wood repair, wall sanding, relocating and covering of furniture? If things have to be covered or relocated, make sure to address them and determine who is responsible for moving them.

Inquire about the effort that goes into the project once it is completed too. For example, ask the painters whether they will re-hang gutters and downspouts if they paint the outside.
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