Why Are Drywall Repairs Necessary Before Painting?

Drywall is known as a primary part of any home’s interior. It is fire-resistant and offers insulation. When it’s time to provide your home with an outstanding interior paint job, you should first check if your drywall is in good condition.

If you think painting your interior drywall without checking for damage, you risk damaging your interior paint job. The damage to the drywall will make it more challenging for the paint to stick. These problems will then lead to leaking, causing your interior to look junky.

Why Drywall Repair Is Essential Before You Paint

Why Drywall Repair Is Essential Before You Paint - Southshore Painting Contractors

Several benefits go with repainting the interior of your house. While this may look like an easy task, things can get more challenging if your fail to repair your drywall. In this article, our highly skilled professionals will explain the three main reasons why drywall repair is an important step before painting.

Fix Holes & Cracks Before You Paint

Fix Holes & Cracks Before You Paint - Southshore Painting Contractors

A professional paint job will surely result in smooth and flawless walls. However, that glossy look doesn’t happen if your walls are wrapped with a spiderweb of holes and cracks. Drywall repair solves these problems so you can have even and quality painting results.

Foundation Check

Foundation Check - Southshore Painting Contractors

The drywall problems you find indicate a damaged foundation. These issues can be a major concern when painting the walls. This is why we recommend you identify this basic problem by checking the foundation and getting it repaired prior to painting.

Produces a Smoother Finish

Produces a Smoother Finish - Southshore Painting Contractorts

Doing a drywall repair will make the outcome of your paint job look clean and flawless. You don’t want lumpy walls with marks and bubbles right after you’ve completed the paint job.

So, patchwork is important before painting, whether you have huge holes or minor flaws. Hiring professional painters will take some of the work off your hands.

Addresses Water Damage Ahead of Time

Southshore Painting Contractors - Addresses Water Damage Ahead of Time

You might believe that a few extra coats of paint will protect against water damage. The truth is, it’s better handled through drywall repair.

Without proper maintenance, water damage may bleed through the paint, producing bubbles and stains. In worst cases, your wall may get spongy, which also means it’s a little too late for repair. Save yourself from expensive problems through drywall repair – let our team do the job for you.

Is Drywall Very Costly To Repair?

Is Drywall Very Costly To Repair - Southshore Painting Contractors

For just smaller holes, a patch can be used from another piece of drywall. This patch is then fitted into the hole, often widened to contain it neatly. Next is to tape it into place and apply coats of primer and paint. Finally, you can finish it with cement so that the repairs aren’t visible.

In more damaged portions, the elimination of bigger pieces of drywall is necessary. You won’t have to worry about the costs since new parts aren’t really that expensive, nor is the cost of labor. Drywall repair is indeed a straightforward yet necessary task.

Consult the Drywall Repair Professionals at South Shore Painting Contractors

Consult the Drywall Repair Professionals - South Shore Painting Contractors

While drywall maintenance may seem like an effortless task you can do by yourself, it’s necessary to know that interior wall repairs prior to any painting job will need skilled professionals. Even if you only see tiny cracks and holes, professional drywall repairs are necessary if you want walls that look flawless and that can last a lifetime.

South Shore Painting Contractors also offers exterior painting, power washing, carpentry repairs, and deck repair and restoration.

Contact our friendly customer support team to get you started on your drywall repair project! You can also fill out our online form for a free, no-obligation estimate. Contact us at (781) 394-9559. We look forward to working with you!

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