Painted Trim vs Stained Trim

Trim may be just simple details in a home as it’s only used as frames or outlines for windows, doors, and walls. Yet, if made with the right finishing, it can transform the feel of your home. Trim is found in almost every corner and room of a house, making it a small but important feature that contributes to the complete polished look of your interior.

Torn between staining or painting your trim? It’s okay, and it’s normal. But the decision on which to choose is yours to make, depending on the look you want to achieve in your home. Painted trim and stained trim have their respective pros and cons. You may find it helpful to know them, so let’s look at them below.

Factors to Consider When Painting or Staining Your Trim

Painted Trim versus Stained Trim - SOUTH SHORE PAINTING CONTRACTORS

Before choosing whether to paint or stain the trim in your home, it’s also necessary to consider some factors that determine the condition and look of your trim. These things will have a great impact on your decision so try to be aware of the following:

· Trim found in each room

Uniformity is key to having that perfect look for your home. If most of the rooms in your home have painted trim, don’t make a change part-way through. It’s either all painted or it’s all stained.

· Lighting

Dark-stained woodwork in many older homes makes rooms with little natural light appear dull and tiny. If you have this type of room, painting the trim white can help bring it to life. However, staining the trims can be a good option if your home receives a lot of natural light. You may have professional painters paint the baseboards, molding, and other parts of your home with colors that are darker so they can be more aesthetic.

· Quality of woodwork

The terms “paint grade” and “stain grade” are things you must learn to make the right choice. The quality of woodwork that suits stain grade may also suit paint as well. The quality of the woodwork can be seen in the grain. If the grain is easily shown in the stain of the trim, it means the woodwork has higher quality and may be stained or painted.

Pros and Cons of Stained Trim


  • It stays beautiful for a long time.
  • It allows the wood grain of natural wood to show and shine through.
  • It lasts longer than paint.
  • It’s not prone to scuff and chips.
  • It can be easily applied on unfinished trim.
  • Oil-based wood stain protects the wood from cracking and peeling.


  • It reveals defects in wood.
  • It requires stripping the trim before staining.
  • It is not suitable for bathroom or kitchen trims.
  • It has only limited color and finish options.
  • It takes 24 to 48 hours for drying and curing.

Pros and Cons of Painted Trim


  • It is available in almost any color.
  • You can choose from matte to high-gloss finishes.
  • It makes altering and repairing trim easier.
  • It conceals wood, including its imperfections.
  • It is less expensive than stain.
  • It allows you to paint on an existing paint as long as the surface is properly prepared.


  • It requires better maintenance against scuff and cracks.
  • It needs priming before painting.
  • It does not easily hide the brush strokes.
  • It conceals the natural wood look.

To paint or to stain? The question remains up to you as the homeowner. Both options can bring a nice appeal to your property, but how you feel about it is still the most important factor to consider. Anyway, you have a team of reliable painting experts near you for help in achieving the look you’ve been dreaming of.

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Experiencing the Best Painting Service

Experiencing the Best Painting Service - SOUTH SHORE PAINTING CONTRACTORS

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