5 Tips for Painting the Exterior of a Commercial Building

Like residential homes, commercial spaces need a paint job to keep their interior and exterior looking good and protected. A fresh coat of paint in a new hue can do wonders for a commercial building exterior. With paint, you can modernize older buildings, enhance the color of dimly lit rooms, or make larger rooms feel more welcoming by using a warm color.

UV rays, rain, snow, and ice can all cause a building’s exterior surfaces to deteriorate, allowing pests, insects, mold, and rot to thrive. This is why regularly painting commercial buildings protects them from the elements, improves their appearance, and increases their value.

If you plan to do an industrial exterior painting project, follow these five tips to get a good return on your investment.

Tip # 1: Draft a Strategic Plan

Never undertake a spontaneous painting project because your business is on the line. Remember that this is a massive project, so you wouldn’t want to miscalculate your costs and end up spending more than your budget allows.

Planning lets you achieve your desired outcome in the most organized way because it gives you the time to understand the scope and reach of your painting project. How many buildings need painting, and how long do you need to finish the project? It’s helpful to consider these questions beforehand and jot down your preferences about which colors and materials you’d like your commercial painting contractor to use. In other words, if you plan things out, you will only have to repaint or touch up your commercial property when absolutely necessary.

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Tip # 2: Budget and Scheduling

More than just the quality of knowledge, skill, and experience of commercial paint contractors determines whether a painting project succeeds or fails. Setting up budgets and schedules before a project starts are both essential parts of painting jobs as this ensures that both parties (you and the contractor) are clear on the timeline and overall cost. As for project scheduling, it ensures that all tasks are completed following a predetermined schedule, thereby minimizing disruptions to daily operations.

Tip # 3: Get a Color Consultant

The front of your building can greatly impact customers, and if it’s painted nicely, customers will be drawn to it. As the building owner, you’ll naturally want to personally oversee the color selection and recommend palettes according to your preferences. There’s no problem with this, but you should know that certain colors are more appropriate for particular usage – something a color consultant is an expert at. For instance, if your commercial space is a restaurant, a clinic, or a studio, you won’t have to second guess which paints to use because your color consultant will help you select the best colors for your type of business. By doing this, you can avoid costly paint issues in the future.

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Tip # 4: Observe Safety Regulations

As the building owner, your top priority should be your clients’ and tenants’ health and safety. So be sure the contractor you hire uses the proper paint, which poses minimal health risks to the people in the working area. They must also provide safety equipment for the people doing the job. One more important thing – look into their training certifications and if they follow OSHA regulations knowing that painting large commercial properties involves using complex equipment such as power washers, sandblasters, and paint sprayers. That way, you will be sure your project is done safely and on time.

Tip # 5: Find the Right Contractor

Due to the unique challenges involved in painting a commercial building’s exterior, take the time to find the most qualified exterior painting contractor as they will lead the project. Their service quality will define the process and the outcome. Make sure they have a license and insurance and learn about their previous painting projects, especially customer feedback and reviews. Also, consider asking for recommendations from people you know who have undertaken similar commercial painting jobs with the same company you intend to hire. A word-of-mouth recommendation is reliable since it is usually based on first-hand experience.

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Does your commercial building on the South Shore need an exterior paint job? Call the team at South Shore Painting Contractors today for a free instant quote. We’ve been in business for years and have helped many commercial buildings level up their business with a fresh coat of paint. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to operate within the state of Massachusetts.

What’s more, our company specializes in color theory to conjure feelings and experiences that our clients desire for their space. On top of commercial painting services, we also provide interior and exterior house painting, power washing, carpentry, and deck restoration.

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