Tips for Painting Your Victorian Home


The Victorian era was a period in which people were encouraged to paint their homes with bright colors. This was due to the introduction of new paint technology that allowed for paints to be made with more colors than ever before. Some of the most popular color schemes for Victorian homes are shades of blue, […]

Why Are Drywall Repairs Necessary Before Painting?

Why Are Drywall Repairs Necessary Before Painting - Southshore Painting Contractors

Drywall is known as a primary part of any home’s interior. It is fire-resistant and offers insulation. When it’s time to provide your home with an outstanding interior paint job, you should first check if your drywall is in good condition. If you think painting your interior drywall without checking for damage, you risk damaging […]

Interior Color Selection Tips

Interior Color Selection Tips - South Shore Painting Contractors

One important aspect of creating a beautiful and welcoming home is the interior. The interior of a house is more than just an aesthetic arrangement of different elements; it is a reflection of the personalities of the people who live there. And when it comes to designing a perfect and stunning interior, painting is always […]

Do I need to move my furniture for the painters?

man moving the furniture for painting

Preparing your home before a painting project can be a hassle for painters and homeowners alike. Paint jobs will restrict some areas of your home, making them off-limits for at least 24 hours. However, we are homeowners ourselves, and we understand that you will need to empty the room, or rooms, being painted by moving […]

What kind of paint?

Red wall - What kind of paint?

How A House Painter Chooses Paint Type Choosing the type of paint for your house is something a lot of people leave to professional house painters.  However, if you have the time, experience, and dedication, this is something that you may be able to do yourself.  In the long run, it may cut your costs significantly.  The two types of paints that people […]

Ten Key Questions To Ask Your Painting Contractor

South Shore Exterior Painters Marshfield MA

What is an excellent way of maintaining your house? Painting it inside and out. Not only does it beautify your home, but it also protects it from elements, weather, animals, and the sun. And since it is an extensive project, you want to contract the most trusted painter in town. If you are from the […]